About the MREC

About the MREC

The MREC Utrecht is a professional medical research ethics committee linked to UMC Utrecht and the Princess Máxima Center.

Our broad expertise enables us to quickly and thoroughly review all types of medical scientific research. The MREC Utrecht includes highly experienced members from the entire range of health disciplines. This allows us to review even the most complex trials. In addition, the MREC Utrecht has specific expertise for the review of research with children and has a unique role to play in the field of pediatric oncology.

We value personal relationships with investigators, and we invite them to come and explain their research during committee meetings. We are focused on the future and we are ready for the impending changes to the international review of studies with medicinal products and medical devices. Our average net review period is 44 days, which is shorter than the average net review period of other MRECs, which is 52 days. So far, it has taken us 15 days on average to review COVID-19 research files.

Because we work on a national level, we not only conduct reviews for investigators of the affiliated institutions, but also for a variety of other investigators as well as private and public healthcare organisations.

What is an MREC? uitklapper, klik om te openen

Research that is subject to the Dutch Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO) must be reviewed by an independent committee of experts. The research cannot be started until this committee has issued a positive opinion.

There are two types of review committee:

  • the CCMO
  • recognised medical research ethics committees (MRECs)

The recognised MRECs and the CCMO are autonomous administrative authorities under the Non-Departmental Public Bodies Framework Act. This means that they are entitled to take decisions which are binding for citizens (in this case to review WMO research). An unrecognised MREC is not a ZBO and can therefore not conduct any WMO reviews.

Whether research must be reviewed by the CCMO or by a recognised MREC has been laid down in law, i.e. in the WMO and in the Central Review of Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Decree (BCB). In practice, the recognised MRECs review most research protocols.

Regulations and complaints procedure uitklapper, klik om te openen

The MREC has drawn up its regulations and complaints procedure in accordance with the CCMO template


MREC Regulations 2018

MREC Complaints Procedure 2018

List of members of the MREC Utrecht uitklapper, klik om te openen

People often ask for a list of members to add to their research files. On the website of the CCMO you will find the MREC’s most recent list of members.

Investigators can use that list and add it to their research file together with the statement set out below and the MREC Regulations.

“MREC members can only be involved in the MREC decision-making process if they are independent of the investigator of the research to be reviewed. For this reason, at the start of each MREC meeting the question is asked whether any of the members present are involved in any research files to be reviewed. The MREC secretariat will then record who is present during the meeting and who is involved in what study. In addition, if the member concerned leaves the meeting for the discussion of the study concerned, this will be recorded in the meeting minutes. Moreover, each case of a member’s involvement will be recorded in the MREC database. With this approach the MREC is acting in accordance with its Standard Operating Procedure and GCP 3.2.1.”


On the website of the CCMO you will find the MREC’s most recent list of members:

Annual report of the MREC uitklapper, klik om te openen

“We are pleased to present you with the latest annual report of the Medical Research Ethics Committee Utrecht. In it you will find the most important numbers reflecting our work, like the number of reviews of WMO files (101), the number of WMO / non-WMO assessments (499) and the average review period (44.3 days). These figures largely correspond with those of previous years.

The past year was certainly eventful. Firstly, on 1 January 2019 the MREC UMC Utrecht changed its name to MREC Utrecht. The joining of forces between UMC Utrecht and the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology has led to the participation of representatives of both these hospitals in our MREC, to the appointment of Professor Michel Zwaan to the committee’s Executive Board, and to supervision by both Executive Boards through the Supervisory Committee.”

Read more (Dutch only)


Dutch only:

Our secretariat uitklapper, klik om te openen

The MREC’s secretarial duties are taken care of by UMC Utrecht’s Research Review Department, and our secretariat is staffed by the following employees:

  • M.J. (Marion) Berk-van der Linden, Administrator
  • mr. N.M. (Nina) Beusmans, Senior Procedure Coordinator of the MREC
  • drs. R.P. (Rutger) Chorus, Senior Procedure Coordinator of the MREC and the Biobanks Review Committee
  • mr. A.M. (Annemiek) van den Dries, Procedure Coordinator of the MREC 
  • R.G. (Rashieda) Jahangier, Official Secretary of the MREC (Chamber M)
  • dr. W.A. (Antoinette) Groenewegen, Official Secretary of the MREC and the Biobanks Review Committee
  • drs. S. (Solange) Levison-van der Linden, Official Secretary of the MREC (Chamber D)
  • drs. M.D. (Myriam) van de Loo-Waller, Official Secretary of the MREC
  • dr. I.M. (Ingrid) Schut, Interim Procedure Coordinator of the MREC
  • P.B. (Pauline) de Vries, Secretary
  • mr. S. (Saskia) de Weerd, Head of the Research Review Department

Please refer to the contact page for contact details.

Participating institutions: UMC Utrecht and Prinses Máxima Center for pediatric oncology

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